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Totally inappropriate.

January 3, 2009

Thanks Alex!

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Liz inspired me to take this personality test.  What the hell else am I doing, right?  I guess it’s pretty much dead on in most respects.

Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger (ISTJ)
ISTJs represent between 11 and 14% of the U.S. population

Meticulous and thorough, ISTJs are known for their exceptional ability to notice and remember details and facts with extreme accuracy. With ISTJs, their word is their bond and they are often described as serious, focused, down-to-earth and supremely reliable people who offer a consistently realistic and practical perspective. Characteristically quiet and hardworking, ISTJs have great practical judgment and can cite accurate evidence to support their views and apply their past experience to their present decisions. ISTJs typically communicate in a style that is clear, direct, and businesslike. They highly value common sense and knowledge from first-hand experience, and find comfort in their daily routine and familiar ways of doing things.

ISTJs Tend To Be:

• Precise, accurate & meticulous; great memory for details
• Task oriented with great powers of concentration
• Strong executers; organized, practical, & efficient
• Highly responsible with an exceptionally strong work ethic
• Adept at establishing & following procedures
• Dependable; serious about commitments & deadlines

I am home safe after my second rotation!  It went well, and I was not attacked by any cougars or ANYTHING.  I did see a badger, though.

Email Update 2 will go out tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Thanks, Liz!


July 18, 2008

Hey guess what, I’m still alive!  My first rotation in the wilderness went really well, I spent about a minute at home, then I made it out to Portland.  I officially never want to be in a car ever again.  I’ve moved into a house in SE Portland and I am in the process of settling in.  More later!

I want to try this


May 23, 2008

The article didn’t mention if these guys are single 😦

Still alive

May 22, 2008

To those of you who have expressed concern, no, I’m not dead, just BUSY. Anybody interested in my grand plan? No? Tough!

Step 1: Pawn off as many belongings as possible (does anyone want my vinegar collection?), and pack up the rest.

Step 2: Move everything (minus what will be coming with me to Oregon in the Yaris) into a storage facility on Saturday.

Step 3: Fly to Portland on Sunday. I’ll be staying with Al and Fee until Tuesday, then I’m taking a bus to Redmond, where I will do my training for a week.

Step 4: Come back to Michigan, work for a week and a half, then I’m DONE. I’ll be staying with my parents and/or friends until June 23.

Step 5: Fly to Portland AGAIN for my first 2-week rotation.

Step 6: Fly back to Michigan, get my car and my Laurel and drive out there for real.

I’m still in the early-to-mid phase of Step 1, I’m freaking out a little. There’s a lot of ins and outs, a lot of what-have-yous. Sorry to those of you haven’t gotten a return call yet, it’ll happen during or after Step 4. Wish me luck!